Children become malnourished if they eat less than their bodies need to grow and remain healthy. Some children become severely malnourished and are at great risk of dying.

These children need urgent and specialist care such as that provided by a Therapeutic Feeding Centre (TFC).

HelpMadina funded the restoration of an old building in Madina to create a brand new feeding centre which provides inpatient care for up to 10-12 children (with their mothers and carers) at any given time.

Children with malnourishment require regular fortified feeds throughout the day and night. They invariably have underlying infections, such as malaria, pneumonia and gastroenteritis so antibiotics are given to treat these conditions. As the children get better, they gain weight and become more active.

The centre is staffed by a team of dedicated nurses who live close by. As well as offering specialist inpatient care, the nursing staff provide important educational information and support for the mothers and carers.

HelpMadina pays for all the medication and food that the children receive whilst they are in the feeding centre. HelpMadina also provides food for the mothers and carers.

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