The elderly are often the forgotten. They can be isolated and left without a family. This makes them highly vulnerable with many unmet needs regarding health, food, clothing, etc.

HelpMadina created the first register of elderly patients. There are approximately 80-100 people on the register at any given time. Assistance is given to these elderly in the following areas:

Health Care:  Each person on the register is entitled to free health care. This will include general medical health, long term conditions management and eye screening. The cost of all drugs is covered.

Nutrition: ½ a bag of rice is given to each person on the register every 6 months. This goes some way in providing nutritional support.

Clothing: Due to lack of money, the elderly vulnerable rely on cast off clothing which are often ill fitting and in a state of disrepair. This adds to their lack of dignity. HelpMadina provides each individual on the register with cloth which is made into clothing by a local tailor.

Socialisation: Due to lack of family and peers, the vulnerable elderly are left in isolation. To try and address this problem HelpMadina has introduced a befriending service using the local secondary school. A number of volunteer students have been identified and, with the permission of the individual, they visit once or twice a month to chat and provide simple assistance where required. It is hoped that through discussion, the students will be able to learn about the individual’s life story and history of the community.

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