HelpMadina works hand-in-hand with the local community in Madina and Makeni to provide resources most-needed by the people there.

Father Sam,

Father Sam serves as HelpMadina Chairman, overseeing all medical and community projects. He leads and supports everyone on the team.

Augusta Turay,

Augusta has provided the community we serve with years of dedicated service as senior nurse. Augusta is also an amazing mother to so many children from the feeding centre who have lost their biological mothers in childbirth.

Mr Mambe Bangura,
Project Coordinator

Mr Mambe in charge of supporting all of HelpMadina’s projects, on both the medical and community side.

Mabinty Deen,
Feeding Centre Manager

Mabinty has served Help Madina for many, many years. She dispenses medication from the pharmacy for patients attending the clinic. She is now also in charge of the feeding centre and is loved by the mothers and children.

Frances Conteh,

Frances has completed her nurse training and we are so happy to have her on board helping with our projects.


Isata prepares the tea, PAP (highly nutritious food for children) and family food (Krio). She always does it with a smile!

Handyman & Mechanic

For any problems with the supply of water or any other crisis which may occur, we call Douda!

Dr Veronica Sawicki,

Veronica spends between 6 and 12 weeks of unpaid leave every year in Sierra Leone in order to provide hands on training and continuing project support. Rohit provides strategic and operational support.

Dr Rohit Sethi,

Rohit and Veronica are a husband and wife team who are both GPs in Gloucestershire. Rohit helps with accounting, administration, and many other aspects of the charity.

Viviane Brackenbury,

Viviane is a Senior Orthoptist at Kings Collage London. She has been responsible for all of the eye projects and has also been involved in developing the vocational projects.